A list of the voices behind Yo-Kai Watch (English Dub)

Image Voice Actor Role
John Jay Bosch
Johnny Yong Bosch Nate, Hovernyan, Venoct, Poofesser, Watermelnyan, Dimmy, Spenp, Daiz (Angry Voice), Frazzel, Leggly, Kyryn, Meganyan, More Voices
Joey D'Auria Whisper, Robonyan, Robonyan F, Verygoodsir, No-go Kart, Mistank, Buchinyan, Wazzat, Babblong, Furdinand, Illoo, So-sorree, Enduriphant, Gimme, Nonuttin, SV Snaggerjag, Castellius I, Master Nyada, Pittapat, More Voices
Alicyn Packard
Alicyn Packard Jibanyan
Melissa Hutchinson
Melissa Hutchinson
Brent Pendergrass
Brent Pendergrass Eddie, Aaron Adams, Cutta-nah,
Jenn Wong
Jenn Wong Toiletta, Spoilerina, Mermaidyn

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