This is a list off all the episodes of the Yo-Kai Watch anime series.

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Season Episode Number Title Yo-Kai Debuts
1 EP #1 Yo-Kai Are Real; The Spooky Intersection 'Whisper' Happierre



1 EP #2 The One In The Water; Why Did I Say That? Katie's Secret TattletellWalkappa
1 EP #3 The Rare One; Yo-Kai Manjimutt; Yo-Kai Roughraff; Manjimutt Part 2 'Noko' Manjimutt


1 EP #4 Yo-Kai Medallium; Yo-Kai Hungramps; Yo-Kai Wazzat; Manjimutt Part 3 'Hungramps' Wazzat
1 EP #5 Manjimutt Part 4; Yo-Kai Illoo; Let's Exorcize! Illoo
1 EP #6 Manjimutt Part 5; Yo-Kai Blazion; Yo-Kai Negatibuzz; The Sleepover 'Blazion' Negatibuzz


1 EP #7 Manjimutt Part 6; Here's Komasan; Yo-Kai Nosirs ''Komasan ''Nosirs
1 EP #8 Manjimutt Part 7; Yo-Kai Fidgephant; Yo-Kai Hidabat 'Fidgephant' Hidabat
1 EP #9 Komasan In The City: Here's Komajiro; Yo-Kai Cadin; Robonyan Activate! 'Komajiro' Cadin


1 EP #10 Komasan In The City: Urban Living; Yo-Kai Buhu; The Legend of Shogunyan 'Buhu' Shogunyan

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